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About Solar Victoria Rebate

The Australian Government introduced Solar PV rebates for almost a decade ago, but there is still complication around the topic. In a nutshell, eligible people can install solar panels at a discounted price. Even not-for-profit community housing providers can apply rebates on behalf of their tenants.

Eligible Victorian households can get a rebate of up to 50% of the purchase cost to install Solar Power System VIC. The rebate can’t exceed above $1400 (which is almost half the value of an average 4kW solar panel system).

Solar VIC Rebate also offers no-interest loans to complement the rebate. So, the interest-free loan can be applied up to an amount of $1400. Now, if your Solar Panel VIC cost is equal to or less than $2800, then there will be no upfront cost. The loan can be repaid over four years or sooner. Or you can opt for solar panels for rental properties and rebates on solar batteries. The government offered this rebate to push solar energy for the long-term benefit for both the people and the environment.

Benefits for opting Solar VIC Rebate:

  • Reduce Electricity bill
  • Low risk on your investment in Solar Panels
  • Increase the price of your house

What are the eligibility criteria for Solar VIC Rebate?

There are a few eligibility criteria which Victorian households need to fill before they claim a rebate:

  • They are either owners or occupiers of the property.
  • Owners’ total household taxable income should be less than $210,000 per year.
  • The property should be valued under $3 million.
  • The property also shouldn’t have an existing Solar Panel System VIC.

Now that you are sure your property adheres to these eligibility criteria, you can start contacting solar retailers who are authorized to participate in this program. Then choose the best among these sellers.

How do I claim the VIC solar rebate?

First, you need to decide the solar provider and work out your energy needs, budget, etc.

  • Your chosen solar provider will then upload your quote to the solar Victoria Portal; this will kickstart your online eligibility assessment.
  • Once it is completed, you will have to upload your proof of income and council rates notice to confirm your details.
  • After this, you will receive an eligibility number.
  • Now, give this eligibility number to your chosen solar provide, and he can now proceed with the installation.

The provider will claim the subsidy on your behalf and reduce it from the bill.