Each household is different in the way they consume electricity. For this reason, MoonShot Solar offers customized Residential Solar System. We discuss our clients’ requirements and provide a detailed Energy Management Solution to meet their needs.

These customized solar panel systems will be available at affordable and flexible plans according to your electricity consumption. Our experts help throughout the process to ensure the best solution is provided according to your needs. Moonshot Solar Power System VIC provide all types of solar modules with state-of-the-art integrated technology with the highest efficiency.

Key features of our Residential Solar System:

No Hidden Cost

No Hidden Costs

high quality

High Quality Equipment

Customized System

Customized Systems

Experience team members

Experienced Team

Customized System

Complete approach – Solar, Battery Storage

Why Switch to Solar?

Immediate savings on your bill:

Electricity Bills are on the rise in the previous two decades. As a result, the bill makes up a large portion of a household’s expenses. You can cut down on the bill immediately with the istallation of solar panels. Also, this makes you immune from rising electricity prices.

Investment of money

Solar panels are an investment which returns better than most intrest generating schmes. Due to recent government policy, there is a much shorter payback period. Plus, you are now in charge of generating, using and storing your energy. You and your family have one less thing to worry about.

Valued asset of your house:

Solar system are in need in the market, so, installing one adds value to your house. In case you are looking to lease or sell your house, solar system will give a significant boost to your price.

Types of Residential Solar System:

There are three main types in our solar power system VIC and other areas.

Types of solar power system

Off Grid System

This is a standalone power system consisting of solar panel and batteries which provide 24- hour electricity. You are completely cut off the grid but can connect to it if you want to later.

Types of solar power system

On Grid System

You are connected to the power system, and your solar inverter will intelligently consume solar energy first and then use the grid power in case of night-time or cloudy.

Types of solar power system

Hybrid System

This is a grid-connected system that uses a solar battery to store solar energy and reuse it during cloudy and night-time. The battery is an excellent backup option in this system.

Residential solar system is a fantastic investment, anywhere in Australia. It takes a huge investment, but it reduces the electricity bill and protects you from rising prices. In addition, it adds to your house value. It is doing so while keeping the environment clean.