About Us

MoonShot Solar offers integrated solutions and products for residential and commercial solar panels system. We have a wide range of application that can cater to different size and requirement of the customer. Customers can also opt for single components such as inverters, panels, and mountings. Or, customized solar cells which are available in different size and length.

We also provide years of warranty on our PV Solar panels and other products. In case, you face any issue in redeeming the claim; we will guide you through the process. If you are living in Victoria, we can help you cash in Solar VIC Rebate which will help you buy Solar Power System VIC at a discounted rate.

If you contact us for your Solar Power System, we will assess your location and design the solar panels and offer efficient solar panels at a reasonable price. During the installation, we will educate the client about the entire process so that they can maintain the panel after installation. We also provide after-sales support, so feel free to contact us for maintenance.

Why Choose Us?

Installing Solar Panel System is a great decision as you save yourself from rising electricity bills and save the environment. However, the real issue is choosing the right solar installers. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Moonshot Solar :

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is a top priority for our company, and we want to make the entire process easy for you. For that reason, we offer comprehensive solar solutions for residential and commercial purposes. Thus, at the end of the day, our client feels his money’s worth.

Reasonable Rates :

Electricity bill have risen to a new height in the previous decades. It seems like it will rise again. Thus, a good alternative is a solar energy as it is a renewable source of energy. Plus, you can compensate for the electricity bill, we offer Solar Panels VIC at a reasonable rate.

Experienced Team members :

People are not aware of solar energy; for that reason, we hire experienced team members who can guide you. These Trained Technicians & Accredited Solar Installers will provide a hassle-free experience.

Quality Work:

We believe that our work speaks for us more than our words. Hence, for this reason, we always strive to provide excellence to each client.

These are the basic principle that our company are founded on!

Choose your Solar Panel System, and trust us