Commercial Solar System

Majority of businesses, schools and farms operating hours slot in perfectly with the daylight. Solar Panels can harvest free renewable energy from the sun for the day and even store some for the night. And, business is all about making the best from your capital and cutting down your electricity bill will help you invest the money somewhere else. This is a long-term effect which helps you maximize your R.O.I. Commercial Solar System even works for Small Business, farmland, and Schools where the solar system helps them sustain their business and grow.

The commercial solar system is a highly complex process – a poorly designed Solar Panels VIC can cost you time and money which will not help your business at all. MoonShot Solar can save you from this irritation and provide the best in class Commercial Solar System.

  • World-class product range

  • Superior engineering & technical knowledge

  • Industry-leading electricity savings analysis

  • Generation Warranty

Here, at MoonShot, we begin by examining the client’s energy profile, location, and other variables. After receiving the financial goals from the client, we calculate the size of the commercial solar system required. Then, we map the timeframe to help the client realize the untapped potential on their investment.

Our installation of Panels in Solar Power System VIC will be strictly in accordance with the client’s requirement and industry standard. We also provide a maintenance service to ensure a high level of performance. Our products (solar modules and inverter) are of top-notch quality and have a long-life system.

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What are the benefits of choosing us for Commercial Solar System?

  • Our team analyses your electricity bills and make a recommendation on the size and installation location of the Solar system to give maximum output.
  • We will solve all your queries about commercial solar power to help you understand the entire process. This knowledge will help you tremendously later.
  • We have ties with prominent solar companies in Australia that will offer high-quality solar product that can power any large scale commercial solar installation project.
  • Our team consist of members who have high-level experience as consultants with diverse backgrounds ranging from environmental science, renewable energy, engineering and finance.
  • At the start of each installation process, we draw up a coordinated timetable which helps the client track the different stages of progress, and they can also decide: will it be feasible for their business?
  • We believe in helping our client, and for this reason, we provide after-sales support. Where we help provide information and facilitate as a communicator between the successful installer.