MoonShot Solar Company is one of the most innovative and growing companies, which was established to create a more sustainable future in the energy field. MoonShot Solar Company is 100% Australian owned and operated.

Our leadership team have more than 10-years’ experience in the solar industry, we provide high quality, well-priced products for the residential and commercial clients. Our employees have very strong client focus, professional customer service, and understanding the priorities of the clients. We intent to achieve excellence in the industry. Our operation process and system, technical expertise, and the cooperative teamwork, which could helpus become the top ten company in the solar PV fields in the future.

Vision Statement:

Our mission is to provide high quality product and best solar system in the market and build a sustainable society in the future.

Our Strengths:

Skilled Workforce

MoonShot Solar company delivers work as a team. We own the professional experts, installers and inspectors who could work together effectively to achieve the best installation. We own the most effective operation team, sales team, HR and accounting team. They are all qualified and experts in this field and they are also the strong competence in the market.

Quality Auditing And Assurance

All the product is approved by the Clean Energy Council and the Solar Victoria. In addition, MoonShot Solar own the personal auditing process to meet the Clean Energy and Solar Victoria standards for each installation job.

Strong Customer Relationship

MoonShot Solar Company understand the customer preference and aim to provide the system which could maximum their saving. Our Process could record all the issue from the clients and provide the professional guide. Our after-service period could last more than one year.

Safety And Confidential Information Data System

MoonShot Solar Company have the best and innovative IT department to protect the customer personal information.

Why Switch to solar:

Solar Energy is the new non-conventional source of energy that is not harmful, and its emissions do not hurt the environment. It is a clean source and Solar Energy can help make the house comfortable and energy efficient.

Types Of Solar Power System:

Solar a renewable energy source that will never run out. It’s also one the way to power your home or business and have both financial and environmental benefits. The most significant advantage for the solar-powered home and business is its constant ability to generate power.

Why Choose Us?

When you sign up with MoonShot Solar Company, you join hundreds of homeowners and small and mid-sized business owners who have put their trust in us from all other solar panel companies. Customers choose us to deliver high-value, high-return.

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